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Star Wars Topps


It’s thursday and I forgot about Tusken Tuesday! So you can consider this an official Tarkin Thursday.

And boy, am I excited for this one: trading cards!


Yes, I know. To you, dear reader, trading cards don’t seem all that special. To me however… Well let’s just say I’m excited. I’ve been collecting Star Wars since I first found the Making Of book in my dad’s library when I was very young (that’s a story for another time). Before that, I was already into collecting. I collected stamps and stickers, a bug I caught from my mom.


I fondly recall going to the store and getting packets of stickers, then running home and sticking them into the album. I collected everything from WWF to GI JOE, M.A.S.K., Masters of the universe and Young Indiana Jones. I swiftly moved over to trading cards, but, the curse of being based in Belgium hit again. Trading cards are not popular over here, and you have to get them from specialized stores.

And then, yesterday happened. I went to buy a paper, and lo and behold: on the counter sat a box of Star Wars Topps Trading Cards. I grabbed a handful and checked out.


Oh the joy of opening these.  They have a kind of retro look and feel to them. They tell the story of the Star Wars saga in pictures. Bonus The Force Awakens cards are inserted (I got Kylo Ren!). And there are special foil cards! And that smell…  God, that smell.  If they ever market “trading card printing ink” as a cologne, I’m buying it.

So here I am. Thought to have been cured of the sticker/card-collecting bug, and Disney throws me a curveball. Thanks again Mouse. Your merchandising antics are appreciated.