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Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4)

bf2nxgY’all know I have a Star Wars… thing. Let’s not call it an addiction, that’s too confronting, even though it is. I want to inhale Star Wars. Have it shot into my veins and projected straight into my eyeballs.
But until such a thing is legally and medically possible (and allowed by Mrs. NerdXGeek), I need to keep myself content by other means. Battlefront 2 being one of them.

Early on, gamers were promised that Battlefront 2 would address all shortcomings of its illustrious predecessor. The main shortcoming being the singleplayer campaign. Or lack thereof. With Battlefront 2’s Iden Versio and Inferno Squad wre can now finally experience the joy of blasting rebel scum solo (and offline!). Inferno Squad is a division of Imperial Special Forces. Following the destruction of the Second Death Star over Endor, the Emperor’s contingency plan is set into motion. Versio and her companions follow the late Sith Lord’s orders to the letter, but their convictions soon start crumbling…

Since I’ve been longing for more content that takes place in the years between episodes 6 and 7, this new storyline is like a breath of fresh air. It’s enthralling, and very well-written. No sooner than you can yeel “No blasters! No blasters!” I’m blasting my way through the campaign, flying TIE’s and gawking at all the wonderfully detailed scenery. Because visually all the stops are pulled. I can even count the pores on the commanding admiral’s pitted face. It’s like I’m wandering through the movies.


Time to see if multiplayer is just as much fun. Battlefront 2 has been marred by controversy from launch. The random lootboxes and starcards, and the grinding needed to get new characters was frowned upon by many. And, even though adjustments were made, I can get what wound people up in the first place. Whichever mode I play, surviving for more than one minute at a time seems impossible. As soon as I set foot in the arena, I get murderised by a more experienced player. And wether or not the experience comes from just being better or from ‘buying’ upgrades, remains a mystery. The game does let us know what upgrade my murderer was carrying. So I can buy it for myself later on. Or grind for it.


Still, I’m having a blast. The same visual splendor from the singleplayer is all over the multiplayer too. Everything just breathes that typical Star Wars vibe. I’m sightseeing more than I’m firing blasters in the enemy’s general direction.


Battlefront 2 is just right on target with everything. Visually, story-wise, Star wars-vibey, singleplayer, multiplayer… It’s just a shame that the wonky lootbox and starcard system controversies drag the rest of the game down with them.


Tusken Tuesday: Rogue One

It’s late but I’m wide awake.

Tomorrow is another one of those days you see. A day that features the release of something I’ve been looking forward to for the better part of a year.

Image result for rogue one logo

Yep, Rogue one is nearly here!

That’s the sole reason why I’m up, clutching tickets for the 9.45 am showing in my hand with a rigor smile on my lips. Just waiting for my dad to arrive. I’m ready. Put me in the car, drive me to the theater, place me in the correct seat and drop me off at work afterwards. I’m so ready!

On second thought: better go put on some pants before the dad gets here.


Tusken Tuesday : Baby Steps

Having a kid brings about some big changes in one’s life. This is true, no matter how clichéd it might sound.  When our son was born, everything changed.

“You’ll have to drop all your hobbies!” people said. “You’ll stop collecting that Star Wars junk!” others claimed.  This is not true.  Since our son has been born, I’ve been adding babythemed stuff to the collection. Baby Star Wars tshirts he has grown out of. And, more recently, this little gem:FB_IMG_1469184690279

Having a kid doesn’t mean you’ll automatically cease collecting. It’ll just alter your focus.


The Force Awakens then has a bowl of cereal

I have been scouring the cereal aisles of local shops for too long, pushing my way past bland boxes of Frozen cereal, and yesterday something glorious happened. I came across these.IMG_20160330_181810

Yes, it seems that after waiting for what seemed an eternity, Kellogs has finally jumped on the “The Force Awakens” bandwagon.  And how!  Just look at that glorious box art! IMG_5057

Ad check out the cereal itself!  The box promises “intergalactic stars and moons” and that is exactly what we get. A glorious bowl full of them.  I don’t know if they are truly intergalactic or not, but stars and crescent moons is exactly what this cereal is shaped like.


But how does it taste?  Well…  exactly like Choco’s.chocos-e3-de-500-f

Yep, it seems Kellogs has simply replaced the bear with BB-8 and Kylo and reshaped the flakes.  They’re not bad at all.  It’s just…  they’re Choco’s.  Plain and simple.  A taste I’ve been familiar with since I was 10.  I would’ve liked a new cereal altogether, Kellogs.  You know, something that lives up to the “intergalactic” moniker you branded it with.  Not just plain and simple (yet delicious) earth-Choco’s.

My other gripe is purely a collecting issue.  While previous tie-ins with Star Wars got us great goodies, this one doesn’t.  I recall the small character busts for episode 1.  The refractor cards for episode 2. Sticker dispensers, crystals, mugs, bowls…  All of them great.  For Episode 7 we get nothing.  Unless you count the cutout doorhanger on the back of BB-8… A crying shame.


A very Star Warsy easter

Welcome to another (late) installment of Tusken Tuesdays. Today I’ll discuss something my lovely wife bought me…

Star Wars Easter eggs!


Found in a store for the ridiculously low price of 98 cents. That’s 0.49 per egg! Each egg contains sweets and a toy! It’s a steal!

Or is it?

Let’s start with the sweets.


They look appetizing, don’t they?  Small and round, and brightly colored. But looks can be deceiving.  These thing are just tiny goblets of pure sugar, the only other flavor coming from the colorants. Not as yummy as they look, and they only last a millisecond before dissolving in saliva.

On to the toys then.

Both eggs contained a mini sticker sheet featuring different characters. I have a soft spot for stickers, so I like this a lot.


Also included were a spinner thingamajig and some spinning pencil top. Basically two pieces of cheap plastic with a Star Wars sticker slapped on.

So did I get great stuff with these eggs?


But I did get my 98 cents worth of plastic and got 2 sheets of awesome ministickers to boot.  I call that a win!


Star Wars for babies

Some of you may have noticed the lack of Tusken Tuesdays.  And the erratic posting schedule.

I have an explanation.

You see…  Me and the wife have a small padawan on the way. And while writing content here is one of my favourite things to do, these past few months have been full of shopping for babycarriers, baby furniture, boring baby paperwork, an my favourite: baby clothing.

Hold on: a man enjoying clothes shopping??  This is where I give you some time to recover from shock…



Recovered? Good, now allow me to explain. How can I not enjoy it, when there’s gems like this to be found:


I mean, look at it! The kid is not due for another week, but once he’s here, a Stormtrooper uniform is one of his first outfits! He’ll be the coolest baby on the block! And this one:

it is your destiny

“It is your destiny”

Hilarious! And the truth. ‘cause like it or not, he’s to be the heir to that freakishly large collection of Star Wars plastic I keep upstairs.

I hope he likes it.


The Force has set its alarm!

Well, this is it.  I’m ready.

It’s tuesday evening, the 15th of December and I’m prepared for The Force Awakens.

Tickets for the 9:45 am showing: check.

Proper attire:



Inability to sleep: check and double check.

I’m so riled up and ready to go, I can’t even sleep!

I guess I’ll just have to re-watch episodes 1 to 6 instead of sleeping then.



A very Star Wars advent

Wahey! It’s December! Finally! It’s the season to be jolly and, coincidentally, also the last few days to count down to Star Wars The Force Awakens!  And what better way to do both things at the same then an advent calendar?  I give you: the Star Wars advent calendar:


Ain’t it neat? 25 little doors, waiting to be opened!

Behind each little door, a chocolate Star Wars character awaits.


They’re very well sculpted, and the chocolate is actually quite tasty!

I’ll have gained a pound by the premiere, and another pound just in time for Christmas.  Here’s to Star Wars themed holidays! (Now pass me the blue Rancor-egg nog, please.)


Store display galore!

I’ve been fascinated with store displays, promotional flyers and posters and whatnots since the beginning of my collecting days.  My entire collection is littered with stand-ups of Star Wars characters promoting everything from DVD’s to fizzy drinks and potato crisps.  I’m constantly on the hunt for stuff like this, pestering store employees over and over again, sometimes even going as far as dumpster diving.

And then yesterday happened.  I got a call from a local toystore.  I’m a regular there, and, per tradition, I’ve been bugging the employees for all the Star Wars promo displays.  All the time.  Sometimes with minor success: a small banner here, a badly torn sticker there.  But never before did they call me.  They had some Star Wars stuff, they said.  Would I be interested, they asked.  Where’s my van, they inquired.

(Whenever a van is mentioned, you know the haul is gonna be good…)

Behold: said haul!

IMG_20151204_193507IMG_20151204_191047IMG_20151204_193347 IMG_20151204_193426















A giant BB-8 shelf topper!  Two nice Lego displays!  A First Order Stormtrooper!  I can fit a lot of Lego boxes in them, so that should help with freeing up some space in my shelves.

The only question is where the frick am I going to put these?  I need shelves for my shelves…


Star Wars Multi-Cereal cookies


Yes, today’s Tusken Tuesday will again be food-related.  I love eating, it’s in my genes, I’m sorry!

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Actually, I’m not sorry.  ‘cause once you try these cookies, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  They’re so delicious…  And carry pretty Star Wars graphics to boot!  Chocolate and Star Wars: it’s everything my digestive tract has been asking for!

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

I mean look at them!  There X-wings and TIE’s on them!  And they taste really good!  I cannot stress my excitement enough!  Have some extra exclamation marks to see how excited I am: !!!!!!!


Star Wars cookies: the best Star Wars food on this blog to date!

(note to self: no more writing posts while high on sugar.)