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Where Are My Friends? (XBOXONE)

wamfcovernxgA small, one-wheeled robot awakens from a deep cryoslumber. Its four friends, who were alongside him on this extra-terrestrial reconnaissance mission, have disappeared. Where could they have gone? The wheeled eyeball is gung-ho on finding them.

And just like that, Where Are My Friends? takes off. Players take on the role of, you’ve guessed it, the small robot. First order of business is powering up the ship and the level select through a series of puzzles. This part is a bit tedious and annoying, but after that, a whole new world opens up! Four of them even!


Because the sheer brilliance of Where Are My Friends? is that the game doesn’t restrict itself to one genre. It has four! It’s as if the developers couldn’t decide, and just threw all of their favourites together. Every one of the friends is hidden in a new world with its own genre. friend one is found by solving a whole point-and-click adventure, friend two awaits at the end of an extremely difficult obstacle course. Number three can only be found by successfully completing a selfscrolling platformer (which switches between top and sideview intermittedly) and the fourth is hidden in a metroidvania-like dungeon.


i admit, I was a bit hesitant towards Where Are My Friends? at first. I mean, four genres in one, isn’t that a recipe for disaster? And what’s with the supercutesy crayon artwork? ButI soon changed my mind. Each world is so enthralling and addictive, I just couldn’t put down the controller. And the artstyle also grew on me. Check out what these guys¬†did with mere crayons!


You won’t have to ask yourself where your friends are with Where Are My Friends? in your console. They’ll be right there, surrounding you on the couch. Laughing at your misfortune, cheering you on and being ready to help out with a level you’re stuck in.

A rel gem, this one!