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Will I Like It? – The 100

100cTime for another installment of Will I like it?

Subject of the horrendous treatment will be The 100. Another show I’ve not read/seen anything of since the boxset of season 4 dropped on my desk. The boxset looks nice enough, sports 13 episodes of about 45 minutes length each and a ton of extras. Without further ado, I plop in the first DVD and sit through episode 4.01.

It starts with a small recap of events that happened in previous seasons. Which is nice. This’ll help me understand, and gently ease me into season 4 before I…
Aaaand the recap is already over.

What just happened? I literally just blinked my eyes and I missed the recap!

Against my own rules, I hit rewind.

And yep, nearly as quick as it starts, the recap is over, segueing into the main titles. Which are nicely done, but offer no context whatsoever.

My mind frantically tries making sense of what it just witnessed: Earth is dying. Some people are still alive (I’m guessing 100 of them?) and they’re trying to survive. But end up fighting amongst each other. Lots of people die (And I mean lots. Half of the really short recap is shots of people getting stabbed, shot and slashed.) Some of them seem to have been captured by some evil woman, who explains to their leader that Earth’s surface will become uninhabitable within 6 months due to the meltdown of leftover nuclear power plants.

And then I’m full-on smack dab in the middle of the action, as people after being subjected to the evil woman’s tyranny. There’s apparently 13 clans, that live together, but tensions are now high since one of the clan’s kings has been shot and mortally wounded in the battle of season’s 3 cliffhanger. This clan, that looks the most like they enjoy cosplaying as vikings and Mad Max characters, wants control. They capture our heroes (at least, I assume that’s what they are) and force them into negotiations. As these negotiations go on, our heroes escape and break into the kings room to try and operate on him. For when he’s out of a coma, he’s the only one that can put a stop on his clan’s ambitions.

Surprisingly, using some thongs and some gauze, the resident doctor succeeds in removing a bullet from the king. The very bullet which was applying pressure to a vein that leads to the kings brain, which caused the coma. Once removed, the king miraculously gains consciousness and puts everything on hold. It now falls to the heroine of the story to try and convince him to work together to stop the meltdowns from happening.
End episode.


There’s more going on, but that’s about the gist of it. And I’m sorry to say: I did not like it. I mean, apart from the story (which I didn’t get, and that’s my own fault completely), The 100 doesn’t have much going for it. There’s scenery, but it just looks fake. That medieval castle with steampunk and scifi elements to it? Cool, but you can just see a stagehand going “Oh, if I glue this piece of old circuitboard to this wall, it’ll look cool!” And that tech lab? Sure it looks gritty and techy, but if you turn up the lights in my dad’s garage down to about fifty percent, you’d get the exact same location, but with ten pairs of reading glasses strewn about.

And the acting? Some people may like the “OMG, everything is superbad for us, and we suffer so we have to grimace our way through our lines”-approach, but I’m not a fan. It just adds to the air of fakeness already seeping from the props…

And I know, I shouldn’t complain about not getting the story, ‘cause I started with season 4, but hasn’t this particular plot been done before? Several times? Sure, the packaging may be different, but at it’s very core, the story of a ragtag band of survivors living on a ravaged Earth in a not-so-distant future, is such a familiar one…


I wasn’t compelled to delve deeper into the world of The 100. And at the same time, I felt oddly relieved that I haven’t been with this series since the first season. What a waste that would’ve been…