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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (PS4)

wolf2nxgThe nazis. Has there ever been a group that’s been used more as antagonist in games? I don’t think so. There’s just something about blasting apart a fanatic that’s so oddly… Satisfying. Even more so when you’re doing it inside the Wolfenstein franchise.

In Wolfenstein 2: The new Colossus, players once again take on the role of Billy B.J. Blazkowicz. At the end of the previous episode, B.J. was left horribly wounded and mutilated. At the start of this new installment, he awakens from a coma to the sound of blaring alarms. Paralysed from the waist down, he already has to repel Nazi boarders from the submarine he and his resistance pals are on. Which is not an easy feat, considering he’s in a wheelchair. Strafing becomes near impossble, rolling forward is incredibly slow and don’t even get me started on shooting with one hand and steering with the other.
Just like real life.
At least, I think so.


Fortunately, Billy can scavenge some powerarmour real soon. The armour has him skipping about, just like before. What also feels familiar to previous games are a few of the elements that made playing that extra bit fun. The dual wield system, for example. The ability to use two different weapons at the same time is just so much fun. Or the perks, with which one can upgrade Billy’s abilities. New to this game are the assasination missions. At certain points in the game, Billy can find intel. Whenever I have a certain number of those, I can play an optional assasination mission. While short and not obligatory, these missions reward players with gear that was only available through some ingame choices. Take one choice, lose the gear that was behind option number two. Or get it by doing these assasinations.

Visually the game is just rocking it. Wether strolling through a submarine, hiding in the streets of a ghetto or trekking through the New Mexico desert, it just feels real. From the tiniest grain of sand to the gritty interior of an enemy base… I just believe I’m there, no matter how over the top the plot is.


Storywise everything is perfect as well. BJ and his crew fight against a naziregime that won WWII. The United States are now a Reich territory and that has consequences. These are not the sixties you know. These are sixties without The Beatles, but with German popband Die Kaefer. With urban streets where German soldiers and KKK members are fraternizing. It all makes for a believeable “What if” version of the postwar period, with an extreme amount of detail.


The game is quite long, and still has a great replay value. Wolfenstein 2 is rich with extras. Star cards, gold,… Each level is bursting with collectibles that players can only find if they search every nook and cranny of the environment.

I can not recommend Wolfenstein 2 enough. A must-have, a great game, a nazishooter deluxe,… Call it what you will, but go get it right now. Your Playstation/PC/Switch/XBOX deserves it.