Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

tjcc“Another DC universe animated movie?” you ask. Why yes, it seems the folks at WB animation are producing these flicks almost as fast as I can review them. But, truth be told, I’m not complaining.

In The Judas Contract, the Teen Titans are investigating a dangerous cult, led by brother Blood. A returned Nightwing takes up co-leadership of the Titans with Starfire and co-habitation. Blue Beetle still struggles with the Bug, Robin struggles with everybody, Raven still has difficulty fitting in and Beast Boy is… more than a handful.  Amidst all this turmoil and teenage angst, the Titans have to deal with a newcomer to the team: Terra.tjc3

Terra has control over earth. Not Earth, but earth. Like… dirt. It sounds like the world’s lamest power, but believe me, it makes for some serious action. Terra kicks butt, throwing rocks, moving mountains, creating sandpits. What seems lame on paper is actually pretty cool on the big screen.


Story-wise, The Judas Contract hits all the right spots. A cool new villain (that bathes in the blood of his enemies!), suspense, intrigue, humour, action…  It’s all just really well-written. The writers seem to understand or have first-hand experience of teenagers being angsty.

In terms of animation, everything is just dandy. Not the greatest animation I’ve seen on a WB animated feature, but it does the trick. There’s some hints of anime in there, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since all the animation seems to have been outsourced to the Asian market.


I really liked the Judas Contract, even though I’m not that huge a Teen Titans fan. Nice little movie and a good addition to the WB animated universe, but a must-see?
I’m gonna go with “maybe”…


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