The Conjuring 2

packEd and Lorraine Warren. Now there’s an interesting couple. Professional ghosthunters, demonologists, psychic… These two have stories the likes of which you haven’t heard before. And wether you believe them or think they’re just frauds: the stories they tell are quite captivating. Just look at the score of books they’ve sold and the countless movies their cases have inspired. From The Haunting to The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring and Annabelle to The Haunting in Conneticut. And now The Conjuring 2. Needless to say, I stocked up on diapers and switched on all the lights before watching this one.

And still, some scenes had the hairs on my neck standing up.


The story picks up with the Warrens after the events in the first film. Nearly one year later, they’re called to England to help a local church with the supposed haunting of the Hodgson family. The family is harassed by an entity claiming they’re in his house, and wants them out asap. All family members are plagued by paranormal activity, with youngest daughter Janet even becoming possessed by the spirit.


Scary films don’t really often get to me. I’m always able to laugh off the scares, or find some flaw in the effects. Not quite so here. Some scenes had me on the edge of my seat, fully expecting to be startled and still be startled by whatever happened onscreen. There are plenty of scares to be had, and all kinds. Jump-scares, ghosts, possessions, scary nun, demons, etc, etc… And, where so many movies of this genre fail, Conjuring 2 actually delivers: story. We’ve seen countless horror flicks choosing scare over story, leaving clichéd scare- or gorefests with little content behind. Conjuring 2 actually succeeds in scaring and entertaining with a well-written and investing story.


I liked this one very much. And readers know what happens next: the NxG Shiver Award 2016!


Yep, the Conjuring 2 gets to take it home this year. Take good care of it, Conjuring 2, you’ll be handing it over to your successor next year.


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