The Final Station (SWITCH)

fscoverA long time ago, humankind was attacked by a malevolent alien invasion force in an event that came to be known as the First Visitation. Large areas of the planet were destroyed and contaminated, and humans were forced to relocate to different areas under new leadership. This Council of new leaders vowed to be prepared for the Second Visitation and started construction of a giant battlebot: the Guardian. Just as the Guardian nears completion, the Second Visitation occurs. One dashing trainoperator is tasked to pick up the remaining parts of the Guardian and to bring them to their final station.

And with that,┬ámy grand train adventure is off to a start! I play as the traindriver, and on my way to the final station, my train is stopped at every station along the way. Every time I pull into one, the train is immediately clamped down with a lock, and I need to find the code that opens it. So off I go, on foot. And let me tell you, finding a piece of paper with some numbers scribbled on it, is not as easy as it seems. Especially when it’s hidden somewhere in an urban wasteland crawling with infected people that want to drink my blood. Fortunately, there’s weapons to be found, but often a more stealthily approach is advised…


Looking for the code, I come across a bunch of other stuff too. Food, ammunition, first aid kits or scrap to build those three things from scratch. And sometimes, even other survivors pop up and they’re aching for a seat on the train.


One an area is cleared,and the code is found, the train can move on. During the ride, passengers will speak with one another, revealing parts of the plot. But the traindriver can’t just sit around and listen to them, because they and the train require constant attention. The passengers go hungry, or need medical attention. It’s up to players to feed them and heal them otherwise they die. When that happens, the bonusses they carry with them can’t be collected… Same goes for the train. it has some key components that need constant cooling, or voltage distribution. In short: the driver has his work cut out for him.


The Final Station is 2D, 8-bit and linear. Really retro in other words. But longtime readers know I like nothing more! Add to that mix an exciting, mysterious story set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world, and an extra DLC episode and you know I’m sold!


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