The Force Awakens then has a bowl of cereal

I have been scouring the cereal aisles of local shops for too long, pushing my way past bland boxes of Frozen cereal, and yesterday something glorious happened. I came across these.IMG_20160330_181810

Yes, it seems that after waiting for what seemed an eternity, Kellogs has finally jumped on the “The Force Awakens” bandwagon.  And how!  Just look at that glorious box art! IMG_5057

Ad check out the cereal itself!  The box promises “intergalactic stars and moons” and that is exactly what we get. A glorious bowl full of them.  I don’t know if they are truly intergalactic or not, but stars and crescent moons is exactly what this cereal is shaped like.


But how does it taste?  Well…  exactly like Choco’s.chocos-e3-de-500-f

Yep, it seems Kellogs has simply replaced the bear with BB-8 and Kylo and reshaped the flakes.  They’re not bad at all.  It’s just…  they’re Choco’s.  Plain and simple.  A taste I’ve been familiar with since I was 10.  I would’ve liked a new cereal altogether, Kellogs.  You know, something that lives up to the “intergalactic” moniker you branded it with.  Not just plain and simple (yet delicious) earth-Choco’s.

My other gripe is purely a collecting issue.  While previous tie-ins with Star Wars got us great goodies, this one doesn’t.  I recall the small character busts for episode 1.  The refractor cards for episode 2. Sticker dispensers, crystals, mugs, bowls…  All of them great.  For Episode 7 we get nothing.  Unless you count the cutout doorhanger on the back of BB-8… A crying shame.


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