The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

the lego movie 2

A lot of things can be said about the first Lego Movie, all of them superlatives. The writing was top-notch, humour was excellent and the animation was superbly done. I wonder if the same can be said of its sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part…

A new universe

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part takes place immediately after the events of the first movie. The evil Aliens from planet Duplon have arrived and are laying waste to the city. Emmet and his friends are desperate, as nothing seems to be able to stop these crude monsters. They soon find out the Duplons are only attracted to bright and colorful things, so the citizens decide to abondon all things glittery, sparkly and joyful, thus turning their beautiful city in an apocalyptic wasteland. Five long hard years pass and the Duplos seem to have vanished, until Emmet attracts attention from an entirely new universe…

the lego movie 2

More of the same?

You might have read that previous paragraph and thought out loud “Wait, this is just more of the same.” And you’d be right. There’s more bricks, more pop-culture related jokes, inside jokes, references and more Batman than you can shake a brick at, but that’s good. Everything you liked about the first movie is back, and with it: new hilarious characters, an exciting story involving… No I can’t spoil you.

Most characters from the previous installment return, including Will Arnett-voiced Batman. Some of them are left out or are reduced to small cameos (alas, Bad Cop, you as well) but the cast of new characters more than make up for that.

the lego movie 2

To brick or not to brick?

So, in conclusion, while this new episode seems to be just more of the same, it’s definately worth watching. Think of it not as a new episode, but more of a second act of a bigger story. The second part.

the lego movie 2

Hey, I just got the title! Nice one Lego!


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