Turtle Pop Journey to Freedom (SWITCH)

cover_largeI’m always happy when I can review a game by a relatively new publisher. So when Singaporian studio Zengami released Turtle Pop on Switch, I was there. At breakneck speed, completely unlike a turtle. In Turtle Pop, players get to play as adorable turtle Bebo and his equally adorable pals. They’re on a quest to rescue all hidden turtles scattered throughout the various islands that make up their habitat.

The game is essentially a puzzle platformer. Each of the turtle friends has abilities that can help players. At the touch of a button, Bebo can make the Turtle Genie appear. A floating turtle, that can switch certain blocks to clear a path, or throw bombs and food. The bombs are fairly self-explanatory: they go boom. Useful for clearing a path. The food grants special bonuses, like higher jumps for a set amount of time. It also has healing capabilities.


Collecting the lost turtles isn’t quite as easy as it seems though. As long as they are visible on screen, I can switch between each of them individually. I can also link them up to Bebo, provided they are close enough. The turtles then mimic each of the main turtle’s movements. Which can be really helpful, but also a real bother sometimes. Dangerous crevasses and cliffs have to be jumped and bombs have to be avoided. All in all, it’s a sometimes nail-biting, mad-driving experience to get all the little brainless reptiles to the goal.


Turtle Pop really stands out with everything going on in between levels though. The more you play, the more collectible cards you earn. These cards can be used to upgrade the Genie, or to expand the bomb and food capacity. There are also cards that farm coins, which can be used to upgrade the cards themselves. Confused? Don’t be. It’s quite simple, and you won’t have to bother with the card mechanic in-game.


While Turtle Pop may seem ‘for kids’ with its cutesy look, adults will also find this a quite fun and challenging puzzler. I certainly did, and I’m eagerly awaiting new stuff from Zengami…



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