Vertical Drop Heroes (Switch)

vdhcovVertical Drop Heroes dropped onto Switch recently. What once began as an in-game Flash minigame, now got upgraded and extended for consoles. But who was rooting for that to happen?

 In Vertical Drop Heroes players, take on the role of a randomly generated hero, with randomly generated stats. His nobel goal: heroically fight his way through ten monster-filled dungeons and pick up some treasure along the way. Each level is a deep dark pit. At the bottom there’s a portal, leading to the next level. Contrary to what the game’s name might want to make you think, letting yourself drop freefall to the bottom isn’t the way to go. There are simply too many goodies, sidequests, keys and captured heroes to be missed on the way down.

vertical drop heroes

Vertical Drop Heroes’ greatest feat is its randomness. Yes, there are ten levels, but they are randomly generated every time players replay them. The same goes for the heroes: once you die, it’s permadeath, but a choice of three new randomly generated heroes is eagerly awaiting to carry on. Theoretically, this benefits the replay value hugely! Alas, practice proves to be something else entirely.

vertical drop heroes

 I had a ball playing through the first level. Jumping from ledge to ledge, trying to solve all sidequests and free all captured heroes. From the second level on, however, boredom struck once I realized I don’t have to play it safe. Sure, I die, but I don’t have to start over from the first level. And while my hero is perma-dead, there’s a new one ready and waiting. And quite frankly: starting with a new hero doesn’t really bother me, seeing as the different classes don’t differ much playing-wise.

While ten levels seemed short at first, I now think they’re more than enough. They may be in different settings and populated with different baddies, they still look and feel alike.

vertical drop heroes

I wouldn’t recommend this really. I’d call it a nice time-waster for about ten minutes at a time, tops. Despite the makeover and the upgrade, Vertical Drop Heroes can’t really shake its roots as mini web-based Flash game…


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